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Many companies are facing the challenge of introducing new ways of thinking and working due to digital change. The transformation of companies is a demanding task, which requires competent management staff to master. ITQ knows from a large number of projects how companies can best position themselves organizationally and tech­nically in order to efficiently advance the digitalization of processes, products, and projects.

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Do you have all the skills in-house?

The history of many German (mechanical en­gineering) companies has been shaped by the fact that they have become world  market leaders thanks to excellent mechanical solutions and typi­cal German quality standards. Due to the steadily increasing influence of soft­ware on the functionality of the systems, machi­nes and devices, companies are under increasing pressure.

They are by far not as well prepared for the new agile, function-oriented way of working, which is required by digitization. In many cases, there is a lack of experienced (project) managers in companies to drive the digital transformation forward.

Mitarbeiter erklärt drei weiteren Mitarbeitern etwas im Management Training.
 Hand zeigt auf Notebook darüber steht Digital Transformation.

Whether project managers
or teams – We support you!

Thanks to the in-depth technical expertise of our ITQ employees and their extensive project and change management know-how, we can support companies quickly and efficiently in a wide variety of project and management situations.

After a very short training period, we can support the existing staff in a targeted manner and get the projects on the right track. lt is often found that there are not only organizational but also technical deficits in projects with a high proportion of software. In order to close these capacity gaps, we can not only offer  management support but also complete teams that help to implement the projects.


Benefit from external know-how!

  • Targeted support in difficult company and project situations
  • Comprehensive project and change management know-how
  • Independent outside view to break open stuck structures
  • Advancing digital ways of thinking and working
  • Not only support in (project) management but also support
    from complete teams possible
  • Experience and above-average success in comparable projects
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We will design your realignment together!

Our experienced managers and project managers not only bring ideas and tried-and-tested concepts but are also able to push ahead with a technical and organizational realignment of your company due to our exten­sive market knowledge. In the course of this, we work with you to design your product strategy, define road maps, and calculate realistic budgets.

Together with you, we think about how you can streng­then your teams professionally either with specialists from your own ranks or through acquisitions or part­nerships with other companies. Our employees stand for deep technical expertise, high social competence, assertiveness, and decisiveness. We focus on project success and not on politics in our own right.


Our expertise pays off for you!

  • Support the organizational and professional transformation
  • Use of complete teams for fast implementation of new technologies in projects
  • lntroduction of agile working methods
  • Technical competence in all matters of digital engineering
  • Consulting and due diligence in advance of acquisitions/partnerships
  • Coordination of cross-location (also international), agile teams
  • Experience and above-average success in comparable projects

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Thanks to our many years of project experience, we have extensive know-how on how companies can best face digitalization professionally and organizationally.

Dr.-Ing. Rainer Stetter, ITQ Managing Director

ITQ Ansprechpartner Dr Rainer Stetter
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