In the past two years, the training of young people has suffered greatly and the weak points in our education system have come into focus. ITQ GmbH tries to close a gap here and to enrich the qualifications of many students with technical projects. The aim of the Education 4.0 projects is to prepare Young Talents for today’s job market.

In the latest project “Intelligent Fwip Ice Demonstrator”, two young students had the opportunity to test the intelligent collaboration and automation of robots. Their task was to equip a “Portobello”, the IoT Ice Cream Machine with a capsule system by Fwip, with new motors and sensors, and to intelligently enable operation with the help of a “Rethink Sawyer robot” by Rethink Robotics. In addition to engineering, the students were able to gain their first practical experience in project management and 3D printing. ITQ GmbH plans to exhibit the demonstrator at future trade fairs.

Fwip Ice Demonstrator – Automated Ice Cream on Demand


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“The ITQ Training Concept appealed to us immediately. We were very happy to make our Sawyer available for this purpose. It is great to see how the young participants have worked on this project with enormous commitment,” says Adrian Mayer, Area Sales Manager, Rethink Robotics.

“We have been impressed by the results and achievements of this training concept. Conceptualised and created with passion and full of engineering talent, this has been a great success for everyone involved – fwip, ITQ and the students alike! It has shown the tremendous power of technology when you combine human creativity with robotic accuracy. We will continue to work with ITQ and their team to explore ways to push the boundaries and change the world of food technology,” explains Colin Chapman, Chief Technology Officer, Fwip.

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