From November 26-28, 2021 ITQ GmbH took part for the first time in this year’s TUM Science Hackathon of the TU München. At this hackathon, ITQ GmbH presented its own Hackathon challenge on the topic of SMART GREEN BIO. ITQ GmbH has often organized Innovation Festivals such as the SMART GREEN ISLAND MAKEATHONS on the topic of Smart & Green Technology and, by participating in the Science Hackathon, pursued the goal of advancing its vision of a digitalized and sustainable future.

For the challenge, ITQ GmbH was able to attract the interest of five international students from different fields of study who took up the challenge. The challenge was to find a solution to make food production more ecological while increasing the transparency of production for consumers. Within the 3 days, the Young Talents developed an app that enables its users to digitally monitor and autonomously control their own grown plants and food and to network and exchange with other farmers.

As ITQ GmbH, we are very proud that our team already won 3rd place at the first participation. With our participation and our result, we have once again shown how important and future-orientated innovative training concepts are in the context of Education 4.0 and that it is very well possible to live more harmoniously with nature with the help of new technologies.

Impressions from the TUM Science Hackathon 

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