ITQ and the “Cluster Mechatronik & Automation e.V.” are organizing a webinar on the subject “Mechatronical modularization in mechanical and plant engineering“. The mechanical and plant engineering industry is facing increasing product complexity. On one side by the necessity to expand the functional range steadily and on the other side by the increasing individualization requirements on behalf of the market.

The method of product modularization makes it possible to disassemble complex mechatronic systems into subsystems and thus to make them more manageable. Decisive here is to structure the complex technical systems meaningfully. In the course of this webinar approaches and methods of mechatronical modularization will be imparted by means of concrete examples and exercises.

Event information:

Date:  22. January 2021 and 22. October 2021
Lecturer: Anton Fritsch und Felix Rhöse
Location: Online-Webinar

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