Under the motto “MAKE, CREATE AND HAVE FUN” 123 participants from 8 different countries participated in the 30-hour automatica Makeathon 2018. Among them also the team of OPTIMA Packaging, who, with 5 of their dual student and student trainee have set up a team that developed an infeed simulator.

The young developers had to consider solutions for constructions, actuators, sensors and software. With the help of the framework conditions set by ITQ, the dedicated team managed to construct a perfectly functioning prototype, which Georg Pfeifer, managing director of OPTIMA Nonwovens GmbH praised.

In addition to fun, the participants gain new technical expertise and on the other hand soft skills, such as teamwork skills, intercultural communication. They also learn to work under time and present their work to the public. The technology-enthusiastic teams of OPTIMA Packaging have already participated in our Makeathons and we hope that they will also be represent in 2019 again! :)

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